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Richard Weber - Executive Chef

From Loughborough, England
All The Way To North Carolina!

at your service with our 25 Years Experience and Reliability.

As a native of Loughborough England, Chef Richard brings an authentic European style of cuisine to the Galway Hooker Irish Pub. With twenty-five years of experience and two culinary degrees in both culinary arts and baking and pastry arts, Chef Richard is an extremely versatile chef. Whether working in five diamond hotels such as The Four Seasons or teaching culinary arts at the International Culinary Institute, Chef Richard believes in the staying true to the basics of cooking and letting the food shine through.

“I am a true believer in procuring quality products and applying traditional cooking techniques to create delicious food. Keep it simple and let the love of food be the star of the plate.” When creating a new dish for my menu I always look to the source of where the dish originates and the tradition of the dish. Once you understand history of a style of cuisine, you can truly put a unique spin on the food to create something new and wonderfully exceptional.”

Chef Richard warmly welcomes all patrons, friends, family, neighbors, and any visiting from afar to come to the Galway Hooker Irish Pub and enjoy an ice-cold Guinness paired with warm comforting Irish fare. Our motto, “Laugh, Love, Live”, is expressed in the quality of our food and spirits and the everlasting desire to create an amazing atmosphere of hospitality through extraordinary service to our customers.

We Serve With 100% Customer Satisfaction